Blue Collar Recruitment

    Recruiting blue-collar workers can be challenging for any business. These workers often work in physically demanding jobs and require specific skills, experience, and training. At Navrang HR Solutions, we understand the challenges of blue-collar recruitment and offer expert recruitment and background verification services to our clients.

    Our recruitment process for blue-collar workers includes job analysis, candidate sourcing, and candidate screening. We use various sourcing methods, including job boards, referrals, and community outreach, to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Our screening process includes a thorough background check, skills assessment, and reference checks to ensure that the candidates we present to our clients meet their specific requirements.

    Background verification is particularly crucial for blue-collar workers, as they may have a history of workplace accidents or safety violations that could pose a risk to the company. Our background verification process is comprehensive and includes criminal record checks, education and employment verifications, reference checks, and drug screening.

    Our team of experts is experienced in conducting thorough background checks while maintaining strict confidentiality and following legal requirements. We understand the unique challenges of blue-collar recruitment and background verification and provide customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

    In summary, our blue-collar recruitment and background verification services offer a comprehensive solution to our clients’ staffing needs. We understand that each client has unique recruitment needs, and we customize our services to meet their specific requirements. Our expertise and experience in blue-collar recruitment and background verification ensure that our clients get the right candidate for the job, who is qualified, reliable, and safe.

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    We understand the business needs and provide the skill -based approach to hiring as mentioned below areas:

    Niche and Super Niche Skill: ITI / Non-ITI / Diploma

    Press Machine Operator, Die Setter, Arc/MIG/TIG Welders, CNC Machine Operator (Punching, Bending, Laser Cutting, Shearing, Drilling, VMC, Grinding), Forklift Operator, Injection Molding Machine Operator, Mould Loader. Plant operator.

    RMS / FGS / Packing

    Dispatch Assistant, Stores Assistant, Material handler, Online packing, corrugating box packing, wooden box packing, screen-printing. 

    Office Staff: Graduate / Non-Graduate

    Office Assistant, Computer Operator (Data Entry / SAP /ERP) Billing, Inward / Outward Clerk etc. 

    Production / Manufacturing - ITI / Non-ITI / Diploma

    Assembly Fitter, Machine Operator, Setter, Quality Inspector, Assembly Material Planner, Feeder, Scrap handling etc.


    Maintenance / Utility

    ITI / Diploma – Fitter, Electrician, Welder, Grinder, Machinist, Boiler Attendant, ETP / STP Operator and helpers.

    Outstate Labour – Diploma / ITI / 10th /12th

    Machine Operator – Heavy Loading / unloading, Material Shifting, Feeding etc.

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